Welcome to the web site of The Harvard Club of Hungary (HCH). The club was founded in 2000 as a forum for alumni and friends of Harvard University who reside in Hungary.

The purposes of the association are

the cultivation and the promotion of the spirit of Harvard University in Hungary;

the nursing and the strengthening of the active relationships of the University, furthermore

the furtherance of the communication of members;

the cooperation with other Harvard Clubs and the members in other countries;

the usage of the spirit of Harvard University for serving the social community;

providing information for Hungarian citizens on the Harvard University; and

offering help for Hungarian and other citizens living in Hungary in relation with admission to Harvard University.

Each year the Club organizes presentations as part of our Distinguished Speaker Series and a whole range of social events which we believe will be of interest to alumni and friends of the University. Given the natural diversity of our members' backgrounds and occupations, there is no limit to the range of events held and subjects covered by our speakers - from foreign affairs to business, from literature to economics and from wine tastings to networking receptions.

We are always on the lookout for new event ideas and new speakers to address the Club. Very often our presenters will have a Harvard connection; either being alumni themselves or being associated in some capacity with the University, but this is certainly not an absolute requirement.

One of the major benefits of involvement with the HCH is the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with other alumni and friends of Harvard University. The Harvard alumni in Hungary are an amazing group of people, involved in every conceivable sphere of activity at every possible level. Harvard alumni in this country include the predictable range of lawyers, investment bankers, management consultants, professors and graduate students. However, they also include entrepreneurs, models, doctors, priests, sportsmen and sportswomen, executives, volunteers, those involved in the non-profit world and a wide range of alumni working in the Arts, publishing and the media. It is a truly diverse group, yet we have all shared the unique Harvard experience. One of the HCH's major goals is to enable Harvard alumni to interact with one another - to mix, mingle, and network in as wide a variety of settings as possible. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to expand your personal and professional networks with other Harvard alumni.

From time to time the HCH organizes joint events with selected other organizations. These events allow Harvard alumni to interact with others who share similar interests or who have had similar experiences. Other Ivy League university clubs and business schools alumni networking receptions are good examples of this type of event. We have also held joint events with embassies, museums, professional associations and chambers, academies and a number of other US and UK alumni groups.

If you would like to become more involved in the HCH, I encourage you to volunteer your ideas and time. Please take a few moments to browse through our site and then feel free to contact us.